BFBCI supports BARMM & Chief Minister

BFBCI officials met with Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Chief Minister Alhaj Ahod Ebrahim on July 11 in Makati. The BFBCI formally expressed its full support to the BARMM and the leadership of Chief Minister Ebrahim.

Hadji Ebrahim thanked the BFBCI and welcomed their support. “Peace and order, governance and economics are the three priorities of the BARMM leadership,” he said. “And we need (an organized) Bangsamoro business community,” he emphasized.

BFBCI officials were led by its President, Datu Nasraili Conding with Executive Director Dr. Abdul Hannan Tago, VP for Corporate Affairs Datu Jihad Abbas, and VP for Media & Communication Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas. Bernardo Benedicto, the BFBCI Special Adviser on Business and Trade, was also present.

BFBCI is composed of individuals who are experts in their fields of endeavor. It is allied with various chambers of commerce in the Philippines and other business groups like the Makati Business Club.

Datu Conding, CPA, LlB is an an internal revenue specialist; Dr. Tago, a graduate of Al-Azhar University, was a long-time writer and editor of the Arab News in Saudi Arabia; Jeddah-born Datu Jihad is an international businessman; Datu Jamal is the Philippines’ first Petroleum Engineer and an Energy and Communication/ Media Studies expert; and Mr. Bendicto is a former Board Director of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) as well as the Honorary Consul of Albania.

The Chief Minister confirmed his participation at the First Bangsa Moro Global Economic Summit to be held on August 19 at the Manila Hotel. He is one of the keynote speakers. Also invited as the Special Keynote Speaker is President Rodrigo Duterte.

The BARMM Chief Minister wearing a BFBCI pin, posing with BFBCI officers.

2 thoughts on “BFBCI supports BARMM & Chief Minister”

  1. Mabrook . . May you be guided by Allah swt in your endeavor for the betterment of the BangsaMoro not for personal gains.

  2. Alhamdulillah, part of BARMM priority agenda is the exploration of business potential which the private sector have emportant role to play especially the SMEs of different province and cities of BARMM who knows the business potential in their localities.
    Sayang, i am getting old at 67 years old when i am active in business attending international exhibits and islamic business forum our link is still there to share.
    Anyway, what we can suggest is the BFBCI become the umbrella organization of all business organization,chambers in barmm or organize a federation of bangsamoro chamber of commerce and industry to be recognize and mandated by law of barmm to represent the private sector…after all the private is the engine of growth.
    It is high time for the private sector to help the barmm government to identify business potential in barmm, to startwith in inviting local business leaders and local business organization to joint the umbrella organization..for them to submit their business potential in order to have economic profiling for possible investment in future..
    We expect foreign investor in the bangsamoro global economic business summit but the absence of economic profiling from barmm private sector for possible direct investment.
    My experience in 2008 when i attended in thailand muslim business summit one of the co- sponsor is a muslimworld business private organization who brought their delegation that create business matching,kaya sa thailand ngayon mayroon mga muslim own foods and consumer factories with foreign partners that generate jobs and additional revenue in southern thailand…

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