Focus & Objectives

The Summit shall focus mainly on the following points:

  • The rehabilitation and reconstruction of Marawi City
  • What the  Philippine government and BARMM government can offer to the Private Sector and Vise-versa.
  • Investment Strategies of foreign and local investors for the Bangsa Moro.
  • Developing industries in the Bangsa Moro and Job Creation.
  • Establishment of Financial Institutions in the Bangsa Moro particularly Shari’ah-compliant financing.
  • Development of the Halal industry in the Philippines.

The Conference Objectives are:

– To discuss options to maximize efforts in rebuilding and reconstruction of Marawi City with Public Private Partnerships;

– To provide a comfortable environment for investors coming from the Middle-East and Muslim Countries; and

– To provide investment opportunities within the Bangsa Moro, more particularly in the Halal industry and Shari’ah- compliant banking.